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Prevent Or Resolve Business Disputes

Contracts that facilitate profitable transactions are essential to doing business. Likewise, partnerships based on trust enable business organizations to endure challenges and thrive. However, both contracts and partnerships are vulnerable to disruptive conflicts. Nearly every business must confront contract disputes from time to time. Dispute resolution is essential. Partnership disputes, also common, must be squarely addressed to preserve a business’s integrity.

Koenig Law Group, P.C., provides the astute, cost-effective counsel that Atlanta businesses look for in the face of legal challenges, including contract disputes and partnership disputes. Attorney George Koenig’s rich experience in both government and private sector law practice has generated a vast knowledge base at the firm. He is prepared to help clients overcome disputes from inside or outside a business entity.

Resolving Contract Disputes

The normal flow of business may be interrupted by contract disputes. Such disputes threaten cash flow or the continuity of business relationships. Mr. Koenig has years of experience helping sophisticated commercial entities prevent and resolve contract disputes, including the following:

  • Breach of contract claims involving contracts with suppliers and vendors
  • Breach of contract in real estate buy-sell agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Partnership and shareholder contract disputes
  • Violations of noncompete agreements

Resolutions may come through negotiations and compromise. Some may require more aggressive solutions through litigation. Mr. Koenig represents each client according to their goals and priorities.

Overcoming Partnership Disputes

A faltering partnership can put a business’s ongoing health and viability at risk. It is important for business owners to find ways through partnership disputes if a business is to survive, thrive and grow. Partnership disputes can arise from many causes, such as the following:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims by one partner against another
  • Disputes over alleged workload imbalances
  • Conflicts over authority and hierarchy
  • Conflicts over allocation of resources
  • Disagreements over marketing strategies
  • Claims of unauthorized disclosures of confidential company information
  • Disagreements over the risks of securities regulation noncompliance
  • Misalignment of business succession expectations

Whatever complaints are harming the strength of a partnership, legal counsel can provide badly needed direction along the path to resolution. Solutions may be as varied as the businesses and individuals involved. An experienced business law attorney who has worked and helped to mend many other partnerships at risk is an important resource for business partners in conflict.

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