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George Koenig: “Comfortable being uncomfortable”

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Firm News

Atlanta attorney George Koenig is no stranger to serving others. George founded Koenig Law Group in 2009, focusing on complex business litigation, but service has been a constant theme throughout his life. Koenig was an Eagle Scout, a U.S. Marine and served as a lawyer in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) immediately after 9/11.

His dedication to his country and clients was recently acknowledged by Super Lawyers, a rating service for outstanding attorneys from more than 70 practice areas recognized by their peers for professional achievement. A profile on the Super Lawyers website outlines Koenig’s journey from New Jersey to Atlanta and how public service has always played a central role.

“Urgency and mission-driven initiative”

George is a second-generation Marine, serving from 1985 to 1990. In the aftermath of 9/11, he left a higher-paying position to join thousands of others in the quickly-growing ranks of DHS. He served as counsel to general counsel, Joe Whitley, who describes Koenig as “one of the most patriotic people I know.”

During his time at DHS, which George describes as “building a plane while you’re flying it,” he played an instrumental part in drafting rules and bringing order to the agency. Early on, much of his focus was building a legal division for planning and responding to natural and human-caused disasters. Then Katrina hit.

George immediately headed to Louisiana, where he was overwhelmed by the destruction and personal tragedies the hurricane caused. He concentrated on providing short-term relief for residents affected and assessing their long-term risks and needs when they returned home.

From D.C. to Atlanta

After leaving DHS, Koenig became senior counsel for Kemp Partners, founded by former vice-presidential candidate, cabinet member, Congressman and NFL quarterback Jack Kemp. After Kemp’s untimely death, George and his wife decided to return to Atlanta, where they owned a home. A former colleague offered him office space until he opened Koenig Law Group.

George has come a long way since growing up across the street from Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey. Today, he focuses on helping businesses succeed, white collar criminal defense, personal injury and government relations. Koenig is respected by many, including those who oppose him in court. One of his courtroom opponents, former Gov. Roy E. Barnes, says George is always prepared and courteous.